Project Description

Hiking Trails

Located at the bottom of our unique mountain, Nájera is the right place for fans of nature. If you are keen on having a walk, you’ll love the well-known promenade and the banks of Najerilla river, where you will see trouts and barbells, storks and herons and luckily, some otters.

If you are fond of hiking, you are also in the right place. The track under the pine trees in the Castillo, Calavera, and Malpica mountains or the original path in Pasomalo next to the river and the mountain at the same time are worth.

Finally, if you prefer harder trails, we recommend you Demanda and Cebollera mountain ranges. In the first one, you can find San Lorenzo, the highest mountain in La Rioja which gives name to our pensión. You can have a walk in its beech and oak forests or hike to the peak and sight the region from its 2.271 metres high. Enjoy its marvelous nature and if you are lucky you will see a deer or a wild board in your walk.

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