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Nájera and Nearby Villages

Nájera is the capital of Najerilla valley and it is surrounded by several villages which are worth visiting. Undoubtedly, Anguiano and San Millán de la Cogolla are well-known in the country but others are less famous for tourists.

From Pensión San Lorenzo, we will make our best to inform you about the villages and places that will make you love La Rioja. Now, here you have a brief recommendation for some of them.

As mentioned before, Anguiano is one of the villages which deserve special attention. Not only famous for its delicious caparrones (a typical kind of bean), it is the place where the dancers, danzadores in Spanish, do their famed dance to honour Saint Mary Magdalene. Dancing and playing castanets at the same time becomes a show when these men go down the steep stone-made streets.

San Millán de la Cogolla is well-known all over the world as the birth place of the Spanish language. In this village is where the famous Glosas Emilianenses are. Here, you can also find the Monasteries of Yuso and Suso, which have been declared World Heritage Site. The visit is 100% recommendable.

As Nájera, Santo Domingo de la Calzada is also in the Camino de Santiago. Here is where the cock crowed after roasted, one of the miracles that Domingo Garcia, founder of the city, made. The visit to the cathedral, where you can see the cock and the hen, will make you witness of the miracle.

Nearer from Nájera, you will find other marvelous small villages. Tricio is known for its pre-romanesque shrine; Santa María de los Arcos shrine. In Cañas, you will find the Cistercian Abbey called Monasterio de la Luz.  The Monastery of Valvanera also deserves special attention and it is the place where the monks produce their famous spirit. And if you stay in Pensión San Lorenzo, we will recommend you many others.

One of the best seasons of the year to come to La Rioja is summer, due to most of the villages celebrate their festivals and you will enjoy their traditions and folklore. Another reason is going to the several food tasting that take place in summer. Get ready to try the longest chorizo in the world in Camprovín, taste the famous clarete wine (rosé) in Cordovín, go to the sardine festival in Hormilla or eat the tasty patatas bravas (spicy potatoes) in Villar de Torre.

You will love La Rioja

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